Protection Hypocephali

(Amulets,  Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie,  Aris & Phillips LTD, Warminster, Wiltshire, England;  p. 80.)

"134. Hypocephalus.

    Meaning.    Derived from the papyrus with the figure of a cow, which was placed under the head of the dead according to the 162nd chapter of the Book of the Dead. For an account of some fine examples see Abydos, I., p. 50, pl. lxxix.
   Period.        XXXth dynasty.
    Figures.        134a, the deceased mummy on the back of the cow, with the winged disc and uraeus over it, fragments of formula around; cartonnage coloured red and black;  134b, reverse of a, the four-ramheaded form of Amen, adored by two baboons, two men and two women; above, the bark of the Sun; below, reversed, the cow, with the winged disc and uraeus over it; fragments of inscription: black on yellow ground.  134b 2, a lorger disc with more figures (like Abyd. lxxix), and on reverse the baboons adoring the shining disc, and Isis and Nebhat mourning with the crowned zed sign between: being black with fine yellow lines it will not photograph;  134c, eight crocodile heads around a disc, with eight baboons above, and below Paunhatef offering Maat to the hawk of Ra; yellow and red with black drawing on cartonnage."