The Ancient American
Book of Mormon Geography
SLC  April  2011


Book of Mormon Archeology
Hopewell: swords, bones, and what is happening with Zarahemla today:
Presented by Wayne May:

Book of Mormon Geography:
Statements of Joseph Smith:
Presented by Wayne May

A Hopewell Celestial Observatory: a pilgrimage to the upper world:
Presented by Richard Moats

Prophecies and promises of the Book of Mormon
Presented by Bruce Porter

Title of Liberty:
An ancient record and the U.S. Constitution and the responsibilities
of those in the Promised Land
Presented by Bruce Porter

Evidence for Middle Eastern Roots of Native American Religious Practices
Presented by Donald Yates:

Minoans in America and the Copper Trade
Presented by Roger Jewell

Ancient Cultures of the South West
Presented by Steve Shaffer

Poverty Point:
The mining and shipment of Michigan Copper in the Bronze Age
Presented by Jay Wakefield

One Nation Under God
Presented by David Christensen

The lost civilizations of North America
Presented by Steven Smoot

A sacred site for multiple dispensations
Presented by David Beagley